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2023 Election: Labour Party, Peter Obi’s Best Decision


Think about it, how many times have you blamed yourself or someone else for missing an opportunity that would have changed a whole lot of things. Probably then you didn’t think the issue at stake was possible. In some cases those close to us end up discouraging us from going into that project because to them it’s impossible.

There are even times when others will see possibilities in some projects and want to get us involved. At those occasions, we won’t see the need to get involved, a situation we might end up regretting sometimes.

Bringing it home and as regards the 2023 presidential election, the best decision His Excellency, Peter Obi made was to have chosen to run under the Labour Party, a clean and national party that has no baggage whatsoever. Amongst the three major political parties vying for the next elections, Labour Party remains the only Party with little or no troubles currently.

Nigerian politics has been monetised and taken over by dangerous contractors, but Peter Obi, through Labour Party is changing the narrative. Both the candidate and the Party is playing it clean as it is supposed to be. Nigerians are now talking about character, integrity, honesty and competence. These are the qualities that singled Peter Obi out and made him the candidate of the majority of Nigerians.

Peter Obi saw the opportunity, followed his heart and took hold of it. The massive support and awareness, described by the whole world as a political revolution and hurricane is a clear evidence of the resultant effect of the decision to contest with Labour Party.

When Kim Woo Choong wrote the book Every Street is Paved with Gold, what he was practically saying is that he sees opportunity wherever he goes. And that is the same way Peter Obi saw the opportunity to rescue and change the narrative in Nigeria. There is always opportunities beckoning on us but we hardly follow our heart. The reason is simple: most of us hardly take the time to prepare.

Peter Obi is well prepared and it is showing. His ambition has taken a new dimension with a strong spiritual backing. When you prepare for opportunities, God will surely bring them across to you. If you are not prepared and God brings an opportunity across to you, one thing will be obvious, you will miss it. And those big opportunities don’t come every day.D

Dr. Fabian Ihekweme

Head, Team Peter Obi
Imo State


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