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2023 Election: People Oriented Leadership, Key To Victory, Development, Vote Wisely


Politics is not about what you can do when in government, but continuing what you have been doing with your personal resources in a broader way with the aid of government. Lack of this knowledge is what has made majority, if not all our politicians to fail in this part of the world.

The truth remains that you can not give what you don’t have, so if you have been self-centered all your life, being in power and occupying one position or the other in government will never change the narrative, instead it will make one more selfish and clueless.

Ask yourself what happened to all the promises by various politicians, even those close to us since 1999? The answer is there for us to know…as all are white lies and wash wash paints on the surface. An immediate past governor in Imo State could not repair, let alone build a good road that leads to his house, but I remembered when he was campaigning and people were crying 😭😭 in thanksgiving that their messiah had come, but his coming turned to be a replica of what pharoh did to Israelites while in captivity in Egypt.

It’s time for us to think twice, Hie ASA n’anya before we can cast our vote come 2023.

If you ask me; I will consciously tell you that this forthcoming election is not for or all about a political party one belongs, but about the individual vying for the position. It is all about his/her credibility. It is about past records both in secret and in the open (family not excluded).

Some party constitution and inner policies are part of the problem why elected politicians are not performing and underperforming and we are supposed to bury any idea centered on god-fathehrism, ethnicity, selfish interest and vengeance against a particular tribe so as to change the narrative.

If a man has done it before he can still do it again, it’s important to be OBIDIENT as God in His holy book instructed us to be obedient and if at this time a man who is credible is going by the Name “Obidient”, I think God has shown us green light.

Once again vote people who has done it before, not those who want to have their share of the national cake, not those who visits home every election year, not those who betray their brothers because of few millions, not people who can sell us out for a pot of porridge. Enough is Enough. Go get your PVC and get ready to cast your vote and defend it, God will surely help us if we are determined.

Remember to be OBIDIENT

Starfox360 Media Team


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