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Akataobi Moves To Recover Bad Roads Spots In Ideato North Ahead Of Yuletide


What a man does is what he is called for…
A man who loves his people does not wait to be begged and called upon before he meets their needs.

In same vein, a wise child is one who knows and does what is expected of him and not waiting to be reminded or even persuaded.

In view of the above, one Man has met this qualities many years ago and still doing till date; he has united the youths via football tournaments for many years, he has also united communities via various sports events and entertainment too.

He is a genuine philanthropist with a good heart, a man who helps his community without demanding anything from them, yet always thinking out what to offer to his community and not what his community could do for him.

His personality is an evergreen yardstick for humility and can be likened to a poor man who works for the rich, and walks in midst of great men thereby re-echoing the “Nwata Kwocha Aka, Osoro Ogaranya rie nri” Igbo wise saying.

No wonder the Bible says, seeth a man who’s diligent to his duties, it says “he shall stand with kings” the words of the Bible is personified in a Hon. Ugboaja Victor Chinedu “Akataobi Ideato” a young man who has written his name in gold in his prime.

Akataobi is from Ndianyakee in Arondizuogu of Ideato North; he is the Ideato North State house candidate of the All Progressive Grand. Alliance *APGA*.

Akataobi is an eagle 🦅 who sees far and he is outstanding in every quality, for years now Akokwa-Arondizogu boundary road has been a death trap for users and as such have claimed many lives because of its moribund state, as both the state and federal governments have abandoned the road despite all protest, cry, complaints and advocacy reports in the media.

Against this backdrop, motorists have been avoiding that route for years now, but thank God for this great son of Arondizuogu and Ideato in general has taken the bull by the horn, as currently repair works are ongoing at that road “Ikpeze Uno Bus-Stop” with catapiler, Trucks etc. Courtesy of Akataobi Ideato.

The road many great people abandoned both the rich and middle class is now been given a facelift at least to enable Ideato people who shall ply the route to have a great sigh of relief as it shall avert several accidents that occur during yuletide season.

Akataobi, you have been doing it before now, as we recall sometime in the past where he gathered the Youths of Izuogu to Ikpa-Ora where thick bushes that served as hideouts to criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers etc was cleared with the aid of the security outfit in Arondizuogu.

Also, he has donated a Hilux van to the Arondizuogu security outfit to ease their movement in combating crime.

Akataobi has done enough for us and ready to more, it is Worthy to note that all these gestures are from his philanthropic makeup or calling as he renders all these selfless services from the little funds he makes from his daily hustle, not with government money.

What then shall we do to encourage this our great son???? It’s simple… let all and sundry gather and support his vision and ambition to represent our dear Ideato North Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly come 2023, vote APGA and vote development in Ideato North, Akataobi carry go!!! We are with you.

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