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APC Is Lost In The Past; By Onwuasonya FCC Jones


The APC PCC’s fixation on Peter Obi and Labour Party’s purported “lack of structure” is an indication that the Party is still living in the past. They haven’t woken up to the reality of Nigerians’ determination to break off the shackles of slavery and poverty placed on them by the same people they parade as their Party’s winning machine for the next election. What they don’t understand is that Nigerians consider those people as their enemies, and are determined to boot them out of power.

When Festus Keyamo says that he is ready to bet with anything very valuable to him that the LP cannot win the next presidential election, you see a man overfed by the system and lost to reality or a man who knows that the power and wealth he enjoys currently is gradually slipping off his hands with his impending defeat in the next election, hence, trying to console himself. For if Keyamo truly believes that the LP has no chance of winning, shouldn’t he be glad and relaxed?

APC is either under-rating the power of the people to effect a change when they want it or they are planning something sinister. But even if they are planning something sinister that they hope will enable them scupper the revolution, they will be shocked at how Nigerians will resist them. So, I would rather believe that the Party is living in a world of fantasy rather than in Nigeria.

No one who lives in Nigeria and interacts with Nigerians would be so bold to dismiss the LP’s chance in this election. From Katsina to Sokoto up till Osun State, the people are singing one tune; “Peter Obi, New Nigeria!” The people do not even recognise that there is another candidate in this election. They only see Peter Obi and look at the others as enemies who put them where they are today. They have taken a decision to reject them.

The people do not see Peter Obi as a candidate from the Southeast or a Christian. They see him as the best hope for Nigeria’s survival. The people are not even looking at the Party he belongs to, but his personality and his precedence. They hear him speak, and they see a man who understands their pains and they see him move, they see a man with the passion and the agility to make them prosper.

What do they see when the APC candidate moves?

They see an apparition of corruption and fakery walking. What do they hear when he talks? They hear lies and boastfulness of a man who feels he has conquered them, hence believes he is entitled to further dominating them. They feel insulted and angry hearing Tinubu talk, because the man whose background is shrouded in falsehoods and forgeries does not beg them for their votes but tells them that it is his turn, hence, they must give him their votes, or else he will probably consider them ungrateful.

If APC wasn’t living in the past and blinded by the confidence of the monies they have stolen over these years, they would have read the signals written in capital letters across different parts of Nigeria. They would have known that Nigerians have dumped them in the gutter. They would have long realised that the tricks they used in the past have expired and no longer work on Nigerians. But they are stuck in the past and cannot see how far they are from Nigerians.


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