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Attack On Ugochinyere And Imo Government’s Reactions


IKenga Ugochinyere lmo or Ugochinyere lmo lkenga or whatever he answers, does not like me. l do not need to be told. He sees me as Rochas Okorocha or Uche Nwosu. He fought against Nwosu’s governorship in 2019 , with all his strength. And today, he still feel that he had offended people like us with what he did.

Hence, he has always “rejected” me and the Whitepaper newspaper. But little did he know that, people like us look at the bigger things God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom , gives, than what comes from little men like him, have the capacity of doing.

But the attacks on his residence and those killed in the attacks, should naturally elicite or call for regret, concern and sympathies.

l felt too bad. l felt touched. l had in a short note expressed my heartfelt sympathy. l had briefly reacted to that incident.

And because of the incident, l have not been able to post my piece Monday, it was meant to be circulated. l withheld it because l could not have been talking about the Motion for second term endorsement for Governor Hope Uzodinma at the Stakeholders Meeting , when the whole State should be in pain. Or should feel pained.

The most disappointing reactions over the attack were those of the governor and his Commissioner for lnformation, Chief Mbadiwe Emelumba.

The essence of the governor having Advisers or Commissioners and other aides is, among other reasons, to assist him take the right actions and talk the correct ways. When the governor talks somehow. it behoves the Commissioner or any other aide to do the damage control or polish what the governor must have said, to give it human face.

On the attacks on Ugochinyere’s house and the properties and lives lost, the governor said, he was in possession of security report which showed that those who attacked the man did so because, he breached his agreement with them.

l didn’t believe that the governor said that until I watched the video clip. And while saying it, the governor was smiling. l was shocked to the marrow.

Mbadiwe Emelumba, lnformation Commissioner, in his own press Statement said ” Ugochinyere was the architect of his ordeal”.

The governor and the Commissioner just confirmed that they have either been enjoying the ugly security situation in the state or not ignorant of the crux of the security challenges in the State.

lf the governor knew those who had meeting with the man and when the meeting was held and of course, the venue of the meeting, why did he keep quiet over all that? Why didn’t he alert the security agencies for the arrest of those involved, perhaps, at the venue of the meeting?.

Even after the claimed meeting , why didn’t the governor order security agencies to go after them?. Why did he wait until the deadly or bloody attacks on the man’s home before unveiling the said information at his disposal?.

Again, why didn’t the governor wait for Police or DSS reactions, before coming up with his own story?. Why would the governor always be in a hurry to do the work of the information departments of the security agencies in the State?

If the governor could not talk as the father and his Commissioner could not talk as the information manager of the State for any reason, at least, they would have done so because these attacks and attendant killings have been happening in his time as the Executive Governor of of the State. And the records are being kept. l had talked about epitaph the other day. Has the governor wondered about what would be his epitaph after 4 years or 8 years of his governorship?. Or, the epilogue of his administration. The verdicts of history and posterity?. And he might not be around when they would be compiled.

All these should be the concerns of the governor and whoever loves him and his administration.

The governor should not have celebrated Ugochinyere’s misfortune for any reason. He would have spoken as a father. As the father of the State. As the number one citizen of the State. That should have been the spirit. And his Commissioner followed the same pattern the governor had spoken. Haba!!!

The governor would have sympathized with the man and expressed regret , not because he loves him, but because he, the governor, is the father of all, including those in opposition. As the governor of the State. It appears our governor is yet to grasp the imports of the position he occupies. What the office of Governor portends. Entails.

The general impression is that the governor is using the security situation in the state to secure or pursue his second term bid . l have my doubts. But the way and manner he reacts to some of these things, give credence to that impression.

But the governor should be made to understand that, if God does not want him to come for second term, he will not. God could even raise those who would stop him from outside lmo .

Imo governorship election would be in November 2023. Between now and November, God could change all the existing equations to achieve his aim. The opposition the governor is seeing now may be a child’s play to what will happen, if God does not support his second term bid . Let him not believe me, but should mark my words.

Ikedi Ohakim had seen Achike Udenwa and his Onongono/ ACN then, as his main opposition in 2011. Then, Agbaso’s side. He never imagined that Rochas Okorocha was coming. And Okorocha came and very late . Ohakim also wrote Okorocha off. The rest became history.

We should not fear those who would only destroy the body and not the Soul, but the person who would destroy both the body and the Soul.

Long before now, people like us have known that the life we live does not belong to us. And we have surrendered to fate. Who cares.

l have no knife. l have no gun. l have no maidguard or security personnel. l have no charm for any reason. l don’t belong to any security cult or to any ocultic group. l drive myself. l am always concerned about life after here. The world unknown. Where there would be no night. No death. No office to struggle or battle for. The LAMB would provide the steady light.

At 102, the oldest man in my compound then was begging his ancestors to come and take him. l was small that time. But l witnessed everything. At that age, he was not interested in any pleasure or leisure again. He liked meat . But at that point, even the meat he never liked again. Diminishing return had set in. When he finally died, he appeared to one of the daughters in a dream and decreed that nobody should cry. And the daughter saw him smiling and happy in his new apparel. Some people do not believe that there is life after here. More exciting life depending on how you live your current life.

Do not , directly or indirectly, take part in the death of any one , even your worst enemy. The repercussions are always grievous and generational. By that time, no Bishop or man of God would be able to say , see what happened.

King Ahab and wife, jezebel, killed Naboth over his vineyard. Nobody saw them, but God saw them. God sent a prophet to pronounce judgement on Ahab and the wife. That, the same way dogs licked the blood of Naboth would be the same way dogs would lick their own blood. And it happened.

Cain killed Abel in the forest, thinking that nobody saw him. But God saw him. And told him that he would remain a vagabond, a wander all his life .That came to pass. Today, l have never seen anybody answering Cain, but l have seen people answering Abel. God is still the same.

Having been a Senator and today governor, Uzodinma has graduated into a Statesmanship. He has become a Statesman. He should therefore, always talk and act as a Statesman. He should cease to be talking as someone at war with his people. As someone who has no inheritance in the “sons of Jesse”.

Charly boy was one of Okorocha’s arch critics. Yet, when the father died , Okorocha cancelled his trip to Abuja that day. Called Charly boy, sympathized with him and told him that he was going to their house in Oguta on Condolence. We went. Okorocha also gave huge sums of money which the musician came and collected.

Yet, on the day of the burial they told him to embarrass Okorocha during the Church Service. He did, by snatching the microphone from Okorocha while he was making his speech as protocol had demanded . That incident didn’t stop Okorocha from building ultra modern High Court Complex and naming it after Justice Oputa. Onwa Oyoko should understand the position he occupies. And its implications.

He should also review those very close to him or those with unhindered access to him and what they always tell him.

The voices one hears , most often , determine the person’s actions and inactions. And even his utterances. If not the voice of Naaman’s bodyguard he would have gone back home a leper. The guard told him when he wanted to dispute what the prophet told him to go and bath or wash seven times at River Jordan to obey the prophet first. He did and became clean. We are all pencils in the hand of the CREATOR.

My name is Sam Onwuemeodo.


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