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BVAS, Electronic Transmission Of Results: Why Ezenwa Onyewuchi Remains Our Best Bet


Today, almost everyone is applauding INEC on the conduct of the just concluded Osun State election where Yekini Amoda Sangodele’s cousin Oyetola was taken to the cleaners. If you followed the updates from INEC since the morning of Saturday 16th July 2022, you will agree with me that INEC did a yeoman’s job in Osun State, the statistics, the coverage and the almost real time updates.

In 2021, when the issue of electronic transmission was brought to the floor of the national assembly, some lawmakers whose brains and thinking abilities are still locked in the 1950s all voted against electronic transmission of results.

Even those whose federal Constituency can be considered as urban areas dotted with central business districts objected to the motion. Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi was among the microscopic few who refused to join the bandwagon rather he voted in affirmative for the electronic transmission of results.

I have always maintained that politicians who voted against the transmission of result electronically are neck deep into rigging, not in sync with time and should not have any business in the business of making laws for the country. Hate or like Ezenwa onyewuchi, one thing is certain, he is a progressive minded individual who knows his onions. The haste to replace Ezenwa onyewuchi is an evil wind that will blow us no good.

A cross section of people with rational mindset still believes that Onyewuchi Ezenwa remains or best option especially now that we are gradually moving away from politics of “gangsterism” to issue based politics. 2023 going forward will have no place for people talking and shouting like war lords but deep thinkers and issue based advocates like Ezenwa Onyewuchi.
Chuka kenn


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