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Catechist Caught With Dëad Body Of A Lady He Allegedly Impregnated And Wanted To Do Abortion In Benue (Photos)


A catechist from St. Martin’s Parish in Mbape, Adikpo Deanery, identified as Oliver Vershima, was apprehended with the lifeless body of a young girl.

The tragic discovery unfolded on the evening of June 4, when Vershima was found attempting to smuggle the girl’s deceased body out of the village.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the girl had been impregnated by the catechist, and in an attempt to terminate the pregnancy, she lost her life in the early hours of the morning, prior to the day’s Mass.

Vershima reportedly concealed the girl’s body inside his room throughout the day, with intentions of removing it from the village and potentially fleeing.

Authorities managed to intercept Vershima before he could execute his escape plan. The identity of the deceased girl, who hails from Morev, is yet to be determined. Upon apprehension, Vershima was immediately handed over to the Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Samuel Kente.

The community and the Catholic Church in Mbape are reeling from the shocking revelation, as parishioners and residents struggle to comprehend the heinous act committed by a trusted catechist.

Local authorities have pledged a thorough investigation to uncover all the facts surrounding this distressing incident.


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