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CEO Air Peace Allen Onyema Sent His Pilots And Crew To Evacuate Nigerians In War Torn Sudan


By Charles Awuzie

Allen Onyema, CEO of Air Peace has sent his pilots, crew and plane to War Torn Sudan to evacuate stranded Nigerians.

I mentioned the people he deployed on the mission and not just the plane to help you understand the risk involved in such evacuation operation. Allen Onyema is risking the lives of his people to save the lives of others. Anything can happen in this evacuation operation, but we hope everything goes well.

I wish I could put a full stop to this post here but No, there’s more we need to learn…

We just Emerged from a tribally and religiously divided election. It was so bad that people from a particular tribe were hunted down to their place of business and violently harrassed, their shops burnt down and their lives endangered. While this was going on, I wept because I knew that a day shall come when Nigerians shall cry for help and the help may only come from that same tribe that we hate with passion. That day is here.

The Nigerians stranded in Sudan are from another part of Nigeria and the help they needed came from the hated part of Nigeria. Let this humble all of us. Hate nobody. Stop the tribalism. You need me, I need you. Okon needs Abubakar, Segun needs Nnamdi, Mary needs Aisha, And vice versa.

You may win the presidency while I control the economy. You need me and I need you. Your Candidate may win the gubernatorial seat while I have the ideas and contacts to develop the state, you need me, I need you.

Allen Onyema is proof that Nigeria can work if we throw away tribalism and hold each others hands in difficult times.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I personally thank Allen Onyema for his kind gesture. I hope this helps to heal Nigeria.


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