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Dear Sandra, Why Blindly Chained To Social Media?


Dear Sandra

Why are blindly chained to social media?
You are online chatting with men from India
You are offline only when your battery is low
Your fingers on keyboard are never slow

You never lack funds for Ticktok
Because you are fake and full of thick talks
You spend thousands on megabytes
As they slowly fade in kilobytes

While online you never get woozy
But a glance on your book makes you dizzy
Sandra you are never offline on Facebook
But you hardly read up a book

You have no interest for an educational program
But you barely skip notifications from Instagram
A day you can’t stand without your smart phone
Because it feels like sleeping without a foam

On social media you always slay
On the street you chat and stray
Social media has made you an empty tray
Dear Sandra, addiction does not pay.

Written by Nwosu Prayerlife Onyinyechi


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