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Divine Encounter Experiencing The Power Of God Suddenly Rev. Dr. Abel Amadi.


Rev. Abel Ukachi Amadi (PhD)
The General Superintendent, Assemblies Of God Nigeria at the annual church conference Peniel 2023 says that says that Divine Encounter is experiencing the power of God suddenly.

Speaking on the Topic:
“Removing obstacles of Divine Encounter”, took his texts from the books of the bible Mark 6:5-6
2 Peter 1:5, Luke 4:18-20, 3 John 2, Mathew 19:8, Proverbs 10:24 states that “Divine is that which is coming directly from God and which is or God”.

“Encounter – unexpected meeting to sudden meeting with Someone”.

“Divine Encounter
Experiencing the power of God suddenly”.

He continued: When Divine Encounter comes, it leads to breaking of bondage, yokes, barriers, God coming upon us for a change of situation.

Divine Encounter and change of solution is possible.
Whatever that walks against your well being, God is against it.
Dominion is the heritage of God’s children.
Christ restored it to us when Adam lost it initially in the garden of Eden.

God desires that we prosper Spiritually, and physically to enjoy good health and prosper materially.
It’s his will that we are blessed financially.
God is excited and rejoices when we prosper

Divine Encounter and change of situation is possible. Our duty is to be prepared. Peniel is a meeting place for a Divine Encounter
Don’t come to God casual. Show some degree of seriousness in seeking Him.

You can’t exhaust the content of God in your Life.


Sin – Psalm 59:1-2
It hinders God’s presence and power around Us.

Unbelief – Hebrews 4:2
Don’t come with doubt
God will come in an unusual way
God honours faith, Faith isn’t intangible, it can be seen.

Prayer remains a great weapon through which we talk to God on any issue,it also gives us access to locked doors.

Great breakthrough is obtained through Prayer.
No one outgrows prayer
Miracles don’t happen when we don’t pray

Lack of intense desire for an Encounter
This constitutes an obstacle to receive from God

John 5:6, 1 Samuel 1:8-16
Have the compelling desire to attract the attention of God.

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