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Dreams Of Tomorrow


Destinies are pushed and followed
The road to success has been narrowed
Like an orphan, I am less a hero
Yet, a so called leader of tomorrow

Hustling daily for some money
Suffering and earning no honey
Where lays the all wanted success?
What a world of opportunities with no access

A happy cloud brought by the weather
But a black storm covers and makes it wither
Dreams fade like a dropping feather
Oh dying wishes of a young leader

Success comes not from education
Education is knowledge with job frustration
Dreams of tomorrow brings nothing but confusion
In a society with no youth compassion

Dreams of tomorrow are full of hiccups
But hard work is chosen over give-ups
The road to success goes with heels up
Failure to succeed brings no thumps up.

©Nwosu Prayerlife Onyinyechi.


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