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GAME CHANGER: 6 Reasons Soludo Tips Ejiogu To Win November 11 Imo Election


Professor Charles Soludo, the Governor of Anambra State, and the national leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA has given reasons for tipping Sir Tony Ejiogu, the party’s Governorship candidate to win the upcoming governorship election in Imo State.

Soludo, who stated the reasons while playing host to Ejiogu at Anambra Government House in Awka recently, also reiterated his firm belief that APGA is poised to reclaim Imo State.

Below are the 6 reasons drawn from highlights of the Governor’s speech during the visit:

  1. Sir Ejiogu’s Outstanding Manifesto

According to Soludo, one of the reasons he believes Ejiogu is the right man for Imo at the moment is because of the quality of his manifesto.

He said, “Mr Ejiogu’s manifesto speaks volumes of a man who is poised to bring about democratic dividends.”

While maintaining that in the past, political parties in the country were identified by their manifesto and unique people-oriented programs, he extolled Sir Ejiogu for taking the bull by the horns by proffering solutions that will address the socioeconomic woes of Imo State through his manifesto which will improve on the standard of living of Imo people when actualised.

  1. Sir Ejiogu’s Credibility and Competency

Still alluding to Ejiogu’s manifesto, where he promised to be a servant-leader, Prof. Soludo said APGA has shown and demonstrated its commitment to the development and progress of Imo State by presenting a very credible and competent candidate in the person of Sir Tony Ejiogu.

“Only candidates with credibility and interest of the people will work for them as a servant leader,” he said.

  1. Ejiogu As A Model For Future Candidates

Prof. Charles Soludo also said he believes Ejiogu to be the best fit to lead Imo in this tough moment because “for the desired change we need, we want a credible candidate that understands what APGA as a progressive party stands for. Going forward, I believe a new wave has started through Imo APGA”.

  1. Ejiogu’s Empathy and Passion to Serve

Soludo told Ejiogu during the visit, “For you to be the flagbearer of our party, that means that you have empathy, passion and genuine interest in improving the life of the people,” while maintaining that APGA is the only party that practices true federalism with the framework and structure to move the states and the nation forward.

  1. Ejiogu Is The People’s Choice

Soludo said he believes that APGA will be victorious at the polls because Ejiogu is already the people’s choice, also expressed his optimism that Ejiogu through APGA will reclaim Imo.

He stated: “I am very optimistic of our victory at the polls, though it is not easy challenging an incumbent”, he added that the herculean task is an achievable one, as Ejiogu’s is the people’s choice of a better Imo.”

  1. APGA Is Best Positioned to Solve Imo’s Problems

According to Soludo, Ejiogu is best prepared for the task of rebuilding Imo because of the party’s ideologies.

He said, “The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) is the only party in the Country that has empathy, and passion and shows genuine interest in improving the life of the citizens, hence the reason we will want to win Imo.”

He added: “Party in times past are rooted in ideologies that brought about developmental strides, but in recent times political parties have become only an avenue to win an election but with APGA, we are truly committed to proper utilization of taxpayers’ money, and there is no better man to trust than our candidate, Sir. Tony Ejiogu.”


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