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New Month Nugget: Let No Man’s Heart Fail -Rev. Dr. Esom Admonishes Nigerians


The District Superintendent of Owerri East District of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria, The Rev. Dr. Okechukwu Esom have charged Nigerians to commit all their challenges to God in prayers, admonishing them not to allow their hearts to fail because God will surely make a way where there is none.

Rev Esom backing up his advice from the scripture on I Samuel 17: 32; said “the condition of Nigeria presently is such that is increasingly becoming unfavourable for the inhabitants” noting that “It is exactly like that biblical city in II kings 2:19 which was well situated with bitter water and unproductive land”

The Assemblies of God, Owerri East District helmsman -Dr Esom added that no matter the level of affliction one is passing through, God is still on His throne and still incharge of the whole universe; hence will see His people through.

Look at our beloved nation, richly endowed by the Almighty God with all resource, human and material yet the inhabitants are suffering, encumbered with soaring rate of insecurity, deteriorating economic environment with its attendant scourging hardship, political confusion and lots of other social vices”, Rev Esom decried

He however called on Nigerian citizens to always see the good part of life, count their blessings and know that God has been faithful, if not for anything but for the gift of life in the land of the living.

“It is true that many have died as a result of the present state of this nation. It is true that many have become heartsick and lost every hope of anything good from Nigeria. It is also true that many are leaving for succor elsewhere outside Nigeria especially youths, yet I have a message for you, my reader this first day of May 2023, LET NO MAN’S HEART FAIL”

God is still on His throne. He is still incharge of His universe. At His appointed time there shall be deliverance. Let those standing in the gap for Nigeria give God no rest until our pains, fears, tears and sorrows turn to Praise”


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