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Hon. John C. Ogbu Calls On The People Of Orlu To Be Wise And Vote RT. Hon. Jones Onyereri In The Forthcoming Election


My good people of Orlu senatorial Zone.

It’s a huge privilege to speak of Rt. Hon. Chukwudi Jones Onyereri PHD for the benefit of those who are just coming to know him for the first time.

Mmiri na Anwu is a man of VISION and MISSION ; a Colossus, a Lion and a Deer at the same time..
A LION because he has a penchant to fight for the course of the oppressed and underprivileged with everything in him and doesn’t engage in a course for no reasonable cause or pursue his goals blindfolded. That’s why he always achieves good results at the end.
He is a DEER ; very easy going and peace loving, always proffering solutions as a Great and charismatic Leader cum reformer he is👌🏻.

My Brethren I have no iota of doubt, whatsoever that together we can achieve the improvements in the general welfare of the 12 LGAs in Orlu Zone that we all dream of by Voting in Rt. Hon. Jones as a Critical force for generating the energy, flow of progressive ideas and proactive policies needed to maintain a responsible Constituency that advocates for the needs of its people and the confidence of society at large.

Therefore, we must do well to let the qualities of a good citizen be defined in us by doing the needful.


Hon. C. John Ogbu


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