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I Have Offered MySelf To Represent And Get Our National Share – Chijioke Odaghara


I Have Offered MySelf To Get Our National Share

As the general election draws near, an illustrious son of Owerri Zone Comr. Chijioke Odaghara said he has offered himself to get the national share of Ndi Owerri Zone.

A chat with our correspondence Odoghara who is a graduate of… from Imo State University said that his emergency was divine and that he offered himself just to get what belongs to his people.

Citing the setbacks in the infrastructures in the zone, dilapidated roads across the zone, state of the educational facilities, healthy care facilities, among others as to what propelled him to present himself to represent his people in the red chambers.

“I have been studying the trend since 1999 and come to discover that our zone is lagging behind, there is no meaningful development or Federal government presence in the Zone, it’s like we we don’t have representatives from the zone, it’s the duty of the Senator and house of representatives to present issues of their constituencies to the house and demand for such projects to be executed, also constituency allowances were meant to cushion some of the needs of the people from the zone, but in Owerri nothing of such has ever happened.”

I am prepared and have offered MySelf to go and dialogue, lobby and get what belongs to my people.

My representation in the Senate shall be a second to none and my Zone will not regret sending me there. I will work with my colleagues to make it happen, I won’t be a lone ranger in the house and as a matter of fact I will do one tenure and hand over.

It’s time for the youth to be giving opportunity to serve, it’s our time, and we have to grab it. Since the passage of the Not Too Young To Run Bill and it’s subsequent signing into the youths have not been given equal opportunity to prove their meetle and I am here to change narrative.

Ndi Owerri Zone the long awaited time is here, Vote your son Chijioke Odaghara to go and get our share. I have live in the state and our zone almost all my life and there’s nothing I don’t know about our zone.



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