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Imo West 2023: Jones Onyereri Will Change The Narrative


The Bible made us to understand that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice.

You know why they rejoice ?

They rejoice because they have a man who has fear of God in him. If you elect competent leaders or representatives with fear of God, they would serve the people with all sense of sincerity, transparency and accountability.

As a people of orlu zone, we have had Senators in the past yet we cannot boost of their legacies.

Least we forget, Orlu Zone is an oil bearing Senatorial District, having an infrastructural intervention agency like NDDC and others , yet we don’t have good healthcare, no good motorable roads, Schools, Markets that would be accredited to NDDC as oil rich Senatorial District, as we see them in Imo North and Imo East.

Rt. Hon. Jones is coming to change this ugly narrative in our Senatorial Zone. He is coming to restore all that we have lost as an oil producing zone.

To make these a reality, we must vote Dr. Jones and PDP in the 2023 General Election.



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