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Independence Day: We Have No Choice But To Prioritise Good Governance In Imo, Says Ejiogu – video


The main opposition candidate for the Imo State governorship election, Sir Tony Ejiogu has urged Imo people not to forget the sacrifices of those who led the foundation for a prosperous Imo.

In a statement to mark Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary, Sir Ejiogu said Imo State, known for its rich cultural heritage and resourceful people, deserves leadership that is committed to the collective wellbeing of the people hence integrity, competence, and a genuine commitment to serving the people should take precedence over every other consideration.

“My dear people of Imo State,
It is another historic moment in our dear nation. It is our Independence anniversary, a day that is not just a date on the calendar; but a reminder of the sacrifices made by our forefathers to secure our freedom and self-determination.
We may not have much to celebrate, but let us celebrate our unity in diversity. ”

On the forth coming election in the state, the APGA flag bearer maintained that if elected accountability, transparency and responsive to the needs of the people will be at the front burner of his administration as Imo people will enjoy good education, healthcare, infrastructure, and job creation, regardless of their background.

“My dear people, in the spirit of freedom, the Imo governorship election coming up this November is not just a political event, but a crucial milestone in our journey toward freedom, progress, unity, and true independence, an opportunity for us to choose leaders who will guide Imo State toward a brighter Future;Our dear Imo state is at crossroads today, and we must find the way to harness our unique and collective abilities and begin to rebuild”.

Sir Ejiogu also urged every eligible voter to participate actively in the democratic process.

“Your vote is your voice, and it is the most powerful tool you have to shape the future of our state. Choose wisely, and choose for the betterment of Imo State, not just for today but for generations to come. Let us also commit to peaceful and orderly elections. Democracy thrives when the process is free, fair, and devoid of violence. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the electoral process is conducted with integrity and fairness. ”

He added: “Together, we can achieve the independence we seek – independence from poverty, ignorance, and underdevelopment.”

While also expressing his unwavering belief in the potential of Imo State and its people, he said that with the right leadership and collective determination, there is no limit to what the state can achieve under his leadership when elected.


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