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Is Ihedioha Under Pressure? – FCC Jones


Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is easily one of the most restrained in speech and action, when you talk about Nigerian politicians of his generation. He is a planner and an executor. He is one of the politicians that can invest any amount of money in getting his strategies right, without bothering about so much noise. Ihedioha is also always sensitive about political moods of the time.

This is why I found it difficult accepting that he did say what he is being quoted as saying in the video recorded of him in Ghana. I could have easily gone on to accept the narrative that the event was in 2019, but I think he said what he said recently, and that’s not good enough.

The former Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives might just be trying to be a good Party man. It could also be that he is deeply convinced that the Igbo’s best chance at having the right political deal at this time is having an Atiku as the next President of Nigeria. I would have come out fiercely in his defence if someone had harassed him merely because he holds such opinions and stated them, but I couldn’t swallow the bile in me over his statement that any Igbo man who is not supporting Atiku Abubakar is a “saboteur”. I didn’t believe that he could say something like that. I had to go to a very quiet place, fixed my earphones and listened again. And all that could come to my mind after confirming that he actually made those statements is; “Who has cast a spell on our own Ihedioha?

As someone whom I know to be very knowledgeable about world politics and current affairs, I didn’t expect him to still advance such notion as Nigeria having only two political Parties. Nigeria has over 20 political Parties and three viable political Parties as long as the presidential election is concerned, and one “outside chancer” Party. Referring to Peter Obi’s supporters as saboteurs is the clearest demonstration of anti-people sentiment, and this is something I thought he wouldn’t allow himself to be associated with.

Just on Sunday, Georgio Meloni became the first woman to be elected PM of Italy, albeit riding on a strong alliance of ideologically varied political Parties. William Ruto rode on popular support to displace the ruling coalition supported by the incumbent and Liz Truss, against the permutations of the leaders and MPs of her Party won her Party’s leadership tussle. These are signs that things do not always go thr way it used to, politically.

If I may borrow the harshness of Obi’s tone and language, I will say that there are no bigger saboteurs than any Nigerian who is not supporting Peter Obi. But, I believe that everyone has a right to his or her choices and I will concede the right of anyone to support whoever he wishes, without harassing others who don’t see things from their point of view.

Chief Emeka Ihedioha has done enough for the PDP and does not need to bend backwards in order to prove his loyalty to that Party of corruption and insensitivity. If anyone is blackmailing him to the top echelon of the Party, as an Obidient at night and Atiku in the morning, he should tell that person to go to hellfire. Ihedioha does not have anything to prove anymore, as long as his loyalty to the PDP is concerned and if the PDP leadership or any cabal within that Party doubts his loyalty, then, he should know that the Party doesn’t recognize his efforts, and there is nothing he will do to please them.


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