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Is Tinubu A Match To Peter Obi?



Femi Fani-Kayode is on heat. He is throwing tantrums, left, right and centre. He has obviously been challenged to prove that he is a match to the firing power of the Obidients, and he is like a man whose meal ticket is threatened and whatever he has to do to keep it, he will do it. He has been given a target; show that he can stand up to the burning creativity and impassioned information campaign of the Obidients. Like a cornered dog, the former Minister is left with no option but to snarl and cry. We shall throw him some rusty bones.

But no matter how much he strives to present the bat to rule over humans in Nigeria, Nigerians will always know the Chicago Cowboy as that “dubuious, fatherless, and ahistorical street urchin picked from the streets by a certain Iyaloja and initiated into the drug peddling trade and made powerful through illicitly gotten wealth.”

FFK knows that Tinubu is no match for Peter Obi. In fact, as someone who has the good fortune of attending elite schools, FFK understands that in a nation with some semblance of sanity, Tinubu’s highest attainment would have been as maybe, a chief cleaner or a gardener in Peter Obi’s house. Unfortunately, our system rewards criminality, dishonesty and incompetence. Let me tell you five ways Tinubu is a complete lowlife meant for the gutters when compared to Peter Obi;

1. Tinubu doesn’t even have a name. We do not know whom we are dealing with, whether it is Yekini Amoda or a fugitive Bola Tinubu who never really exists, but which is a name allegedly taken up in order to escape from law enforcement agents. Peter Obi has never sworn an affidavit to back up information relating to his name.

2. Tinubu is serially investigated for fraud and other criminal infractions, including by the EFCC, ICPC, INTERPOL, etc. Peter Obi is not under any form of investigation, even though he has held more executive positions than Tinubu. From the banking sector, where he served as Chairman of Board to his chains of businesses where he is CEO to being Anambra governor, Security and Exchange Commission Chairman, etc. Tinubu was allegedly investigated for drug crimes in the US, is currently under investigation over several acts of stealing and asset declaration infringements by several Nigerian agencies.

3. Tinubu has always been an underachieving subordinate and could make very wonderful marks in the private sector until he laid his hands on public funds. At Mobil, he was reporting to superiors, Peter Obi is the superior in all the private organisations he has worked in or completely owned.

4. Tinubu’s educational qualifications, like every other thing about him are subjects of inscrutable controversy. He has kept changing his educational information on important documents, but Peter Obi has a rich dossier of incontrovertible educational qualifications.

5. Peter Obi’s businesses are well-known and have been there long before he became governor of Anambra State but Tinubu’s is shrouded in secrecy, mostly because everything he owns are allegedly linked to stealing public funds.


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