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Orlu Zone 2023: Jones Onyereri Is Ready, Prepared And Remains The Only Option


By Ezekwe Uche, Owerri, Imo State

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country. ” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The time is now, the hour has come. Let us decide our Future and Fate by ourselves. We shouldn’t allow anyone deceive us with unverifiable claims.

Our Destiny is in our hands to decide and now is the time to make that rightful Decision of Voting Dr. Jones Onyereri to be our Senator come 2023.

Ndi Ideato North, Ideato South, Orlu, Orsu, Oru East, Oru West, Oguta and Ohaji/Egbema go and find out for yourselves the unbeaten Antecedents, Track Records, Pedigree and Sterling Scorecard of the man called, Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri, Ph.D, from the good people of Nwangele, Isu, Njaba and Nkwerre Federal Constituency while he held sway at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly.

This is not the period of “I WILL DO” it’s a time to first start with what you have done for your Constituents while you represented them in the past. Dr. Jones Onyereri’s track records are readily available and speaking for him even beyond his Federal Constituency as he campaigns with his Empowerment Programs, Infrastructural development Projects, Job Creation, amongst others despite representing the largest Federal Constituency in Nigeria, yet, he performed Creditably well.

Mmiri Na Anwu, as a God fearing servant leader, has remained resoundingly outstanding among his peers because the records are visible there for you and I to see. Those who know him too well can attest to the fact that Mmiri Na Anwu remains the best for Ndi Orlu Zone and he is the man to watch.

As a House of Representatives Member, whose Primary Responsibility was Lawmaking, Dr. Jones Onyereri was among the Grade A House of Representatives Members whose Bills and Motions played vital roles in the Nigeria Economy as the Chairman, House Committee on Banking and Currency and that was why the then Speaker was able to testify and I quote him verbatim:

“I can personally testify as speaker, that you are one of the best and brightest in the House. It is a mark of great honour and privilege that is rare in the House for a member to be appointed Chairman of Strategic Committee, like Banking and Currency that controls Nigeria’s economy for two consecutive terms, in both the 7th and 8th National Assembly. I can also further confirm that you have acquitted yourself creditably as a Committee Chairman and as a vocal member of the House. Your wise counsel and interventions on critical matters affecting the House has been a major source of support to the House leadership”.
RT.Hon Yakubu Dogara, speaker House of Reps, Abuja (4/4/17).

Umunnem, let’s send Dr. Jones Onyereri to the Senate because he is that strong voice we seek and Desire that shall speak Truth to Power and for the Welfare and Security of our lives and properties in Orlu Zone.

Beyond all of these:

1. Dr. Jones Onyereri, was the first and only House of Representatives Member who placed all the Traditional Rulers of his Largest Federal Constituency on monthly salary.

2. It’s on record too that it’s only Dr. Jones Onyereri, who ensured that majority of the communities and Villages in his Federal Constituency received 500KVA / 300KVA Transformer for his electricity project.

3. Dr. Jones Onyereri was the first to introduce Annual Medical Outreach for his Federal Constituency where different kinds of ailments were annually treated free of charge by Professional Medical Practitioners.

4. Dr. Jones Onyereri Remains the only person who gave Vehicles to the LGA Chairmen of his Federal Constituency immediately after electing them as the Party’s LGA Chairmen.

5. Dr. Jones Onyereri, was the only one who Empowered all the Ward and LGA Officers of the Party in his Federal Constituency with the sum $3,000 each to enable them start up something on their own.

6. Dr. Jones Onyereri, as a Reps member gave over 200 Sons and Daughters of his Federal Constituency Federal Juicy Jobs including CBN and other Financial Institutions in Nigeria.

7. Dr. Jones Onyereri was named Mr Empowerment after he introduced EMPOWERMENT in his Federal Constituency where he Empowered over 1000 persons on different Skills.

8. Dr. Jones Onyereri as a Reps member then , trained over 500 sons and daughters in different areas of Skill Acquisitions for self reliance.

9. Dr. Jones Onyereri, as Mr Empowerment, distributed over 60 Cars, 500 Kekes, 400 Motorcycles, 700 Sewing Machines and Artisan’s Equipment and Facilities for their Independence.

10. Dr. Jones Onyereri didn’t lag behind in Education sector. He built serveral classroom blocks across the four LGAs of His Federal Constituency. He gave scholarship to indigent students across the four LGAs of His Federal Constituency.

11. Dr. Jones Onyereri, as a Reps member built the best ICT Centers in his Federal Constituency.

12. Dr. Jones Onyereri built and furnished to International Standard the best Secondary School in his Federal Constituency as a Reps member.

Mmiri Na Anwu has done so much for an accolade, he deserves more than that and that is why we have come to collectively send him to the Red Chamber to represent us because he is the only one who can Represent us Efficiently and Effectively and bring oil Producing Senatorial District like Orlu Zone to limelight and place us on the Nation’s map for the good reasons of economic benefits and development.

Orlu Zone Electorates, these are facts and they are all verifiable. Let’s secure our future and the future of our children now with this singular mandate bestowed on us as those with the deciding mantle. Let’s give deaf ears to campaign of calumny and gossips. Let’s vote our conscience and wisely , the best man remains RT. HON. JONES ONYERERI , Ph.D (Mmiri Na Anwu Nke Ndi Orlu Zone).

Let’s Give Dr. Jones Onyereri this sacred mandate and I assure us that we shall never regret it.

Mmiri Na Anwu Will Do More For Us As A Senator.

Udo Diri Unu



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