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Our Mumu Never Do In Owerri Senatorial Zone?


Since the return of this present democracy in Nigeria in 1999 Owerri have sent Old Men/Women to represent them in the senate and that has never done good to us with little or no positive effect of their representation.

This old men/women lives outside the state some outside Nigeria with their families with little or no investment at all in Imo State not to talk of Owerri Zone, and as a result of their attention is not here nor there in the Zone until after four years, they only return when they want to seek re-election.

Some of them don’t have constituency office anywhere in the zone and few that has constituency office is their is not functional or open only during campaigns.

Are we not tired of this malaria dream of the more you look the less you see among these politicians?

Is our Mumu (foolishness) not enough to re-think and vote not just wisely but conscientious of the person we are sending to represent us this time.

Now that Nigerians are yearning and Calling for a New Nigeria where the lives and properties of citizens shall count and matter in every aspect of life, Ndi Owerri should seize the opportunity to send a son of the soil who have been living in the land, schooled in the land and does his business in Owerri Zone to go and represent them , this time let’s give a chance to young man who is rooted to the grassroots and willing to give all to better Owerri Senatorial District.

He has offered himself like a lamb for sacrifice to go to the red chambers in Abuja and ring the name of the Ndi Owerri Zone bell to the house and at same time why all that is due for us.

It’s time we refuse and reject the self-centered politicians who only identify with Ndi Owerri Zone during the election and vanish lien vapour after the election only to reappear next four year for another campaign.

Dr. Odaghara Chijioke JV (Okadigbo) is the man to go and do the needful and make every Owerri person indigene and non-indigene happy to be proud of Owerri.

Owerri Wu Oke MBA!

Vote ADC! Vote Chijioke Odaghara!! Vote For A New Owerri Zone!!!

Amb. Prince.


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