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Owerri Zone Can Not Afford To Make Another Mistake, The Time Is Now -Video


Owerri Zone The Time Is Now

It’s time to do things and do it rightly, how long shall we dwell in the past? How long shall we continue waste our future to those who have little or no concern about it?

It’s time we reject the mockery offer given to us by wicked politicians to silence our voice for the next four years.

It’s time to reject the ₦500, ₦1000, ₦5000 given to us by politicians every election period, it’s a gift from the pit of hell to mortgage your future, voice, good roads, electric transformers, good education, infrastructure etc that is rightfully given to them by the federal government to help our standard of living.

We must say no to this barberic attitude of theirs, the problem is not with the man at the centre but with people we send to Abuja to represent and speak for us.

Therefore it’s time we reject political parties and embrace good and quality personalities that will indeed represent and be a voice for us in Abuja.

It’s time we reject old and selfish politicians and send out fellow vibrant youths whom we can have access to anytime any-day.

It’s time we reject empty promises and look down to see people who understands our plight as Ndi Owerri Zone.

It’s time we stop sending people who have gone once or twice without any meaningful results and try new faces and new hands.

Why can’t we tell the old selfish politicians that we have the power to put and remove them? Since we the same people they use as ladder to climb to do their self-centred bidding.

Time to ask questions is now and time to take the right and wise decision is now.

Are you not tired of voting people who live in Abuja, USA, UK with their families only to come down to be voted for during elections? We must say no to it this time, and vote for a young man who has lived in Owerri all his life time.

Let’s Vote Comr. Chijioke Odahara for Senate Owerri Zone.
Vote ADC and you have voted electricity, good roads, rehabilitation of our educational facilities from primary to Tertiary Institutions in Owerri Zone.

Don’t waste your vote again. The light has come.
It’s a Divine Mandate.

Amb. Prince


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