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OZB: An Emerging Political Power Broker In Imo State By Daniel Irodinso


The need for the involvement of young people in Nigeria’s politics can no more be overemphasized.

This is necessitated upon the fact that over the years, Nigeria has kept recycling leaders to the level that most people who participated in Nigeria’s politics, from the 80’s, are still active in the polity.Consequently, there is this subtle but critical question from many Nigerians, if there is a paucity of young minds interested in politics that resulted to the old ones remaining in the ring.

There have been many measures initiated, including legal and constitutional, to motivate young people’s participation.This is not saying that old people are bereft of ideas, rather the need for balancing and or, more participation of the young ones who have the agility and health capacity coupled with contemporary ideas and modes of doing things.

Some advocates stated that, old persons remaining in politics, should not be questioned, as some younger persons who got involved in governance, didn’t perform excellently.This work establishes, there are numerous young persons who are excelling in the leadership and governance of their people.

These people are not magicians but have done well for themselves right from the moments they had in their private lives prior to their launching to the public domain.Rt.Hon. Ozurigbo Ugonna popularly known as OZB is a fundamental example of the young ones who are doing quite well in politics, that it has become an attraction to many of the young age. OZB is a brand. Doing well did not start in Nigeria’s politics for OZB.

He has done very well for himself in the business world where he dominated his environment as a mover and shaker. Beyond business, his politics started long ago in his school days. In Abia State University, OZB was a political caterpillar.

From SUG and department politics to politics in the different associations and activities in the church particularly in NFCS, Nigeria federation of Catholic students , OZB represented himself well. In his class, he was well acknowledged as a political cum academic timber from the first day in 100 levels of Government and Public Administration Department till the last day in his 400 levels.The man, OZB is blessed to the level that, many have believed he has a midas touch as whatever he gets involved in, becomes golden with incredible results. He has been noted to be successful and victorious in many engagements including marriage. OZB is known to many people on different platforms.

He is one known to have the passion to serve people wherever he finds himself. He has been a church warder of the Catholic Church extraction for numerous years till now, even as a ranking member of the House of Representatives. He is not a church warder who because of his political position, will be absent in church. He is one, who is regular in church clad in his uniform as a warder, serving God and humanity. Many have been humbled by his characteristic humility.

His classmates from his kindergarten years till when he operated like an academic caterpillar and a political bulldozer in the university can testify to the unique and incredibly humble Ozurigbo Ugonna.

He is the pride of his school mates in general and his classmates in particular. Good to say that OZB has not only been representing the good people of Nkwere, Isu, Nwangele and Njaba Federal Constituency, he represents his family, friends, associates, schoolmates, classmates, less privileged persons,persons with disabilities and every measure targeted towards overriding public good.

Testimonies abound from all walks of life in respect to his charisma, goodwill, magnanimity of heart, positive disposition and diligence in the management of every stage of life and tasks associated with such.

To the church, particularly in owerri and Nwangele OZB has contributed to ensuring the body of Christ is sustained. His presence in church not just as he has emerged a law maker, but for many years prior to that,has been that of philanthropy providing solutions to myriads of challenges that needed attention in church.

He has stepped up his generosity to the level that he gives out not just to the church as a whole, the choir, the warders, the mass servers and other workers in church smile home because of the presence of an indefatigable leader in church.

When the utmost journey for service in the public domain, started in full gear In 2011, there was no doubt that he had a defined destination. For the people of Nwangele, there were numerous projects to showcase that it was not difficult for him to have a reelection ticket.The 11 wards of Nwangele got at least 3 or 4 projects each to establish the diligence of their representative outside his primary assignment of lawmaking.

As a result of his purpose driven law making capacity coupled with a very wonderful relationship with his contemporaries in the Imo State House of assembly, he was elected the Deputy Speaker of the house.His relationship with the Speaker and other Principal Officers cum members was amazing.

He was a dependable rallying point. OZB,was a state law maker who personally distributed 40 vehicles and 140 motorcycles on a single day. This was not enough as he distributed numerous things before and after the above mentioned gesture. He has surpassed that, ever since.His pattern of representation was what resulted to the entire Federal Constituency of Nkwere, Isu, Nwangele and Njaba to expedite the call for OZB to move in for the contest for the House of Representatives.

The 43 wards of the federal constituency, consulted among themselves and concluded that they needed him in Abuja; to replicate on a wider scale to the federal constituency what he had done in Nwangele.Added to that, the activities of project OZB attracted the total interest of the then Governor of Imo State , Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who eventually could not resist, but endorsed OZB for the House of Representatives. It was no other day but on his November birthday in 2017.

This was a great feat as such an endorsement never took place in the state by a governor to another, virtually fifteen months before an election. With this, the journey to Abuja started fully. He contested the election, won and the good work progressed. Known as a man who can win his elections, irrespective of his political party, OZB has won from both the PDP and the APC and there is no doubt he can win even as an independent candidate.In 2023 election , it was public knowledge, how his result was delayed and all the subtle manipulations till the efforts of the traducers became worthless and consequently his result got released. His case was a situation whereby no matter the schemes and shenanigans of an opponent to get you down , you would still survive it all because you are many steps ahead of an opponent and the grace of the Landlord of the Mother Earth has not departed from you.OZB is a special person in politics.

A political associate of his as well as a member of the state assembly who served while OZB served too, said it was a difficult season serving the people same season with OZB. He stated that OZB was distinguished in many ways. He has remained a very humble young man who remains devoted to his duty as a legislator. He enumerated that, people asked them why they were not performing like OZB since they were in the same house, same season. He added that some of them felt embarrassed very well asking themselves how OZB managed to deliver that much to the people.

OZB campaign director general, established he got no serious challenges marketing OZB for a second term, as it was too obvious that considering his quality representation, he was going to win the election in the 4 L.G.A’s making up the federal constituency and was excited to recall that, in 2015, OZB won in 98 polling units from 99 polling units, he contested for reelection in the state house of assembly. Rt Hon Ugonna Ozurigbo, has distinguished himself in the politics of Imo State and Nigeria at large.

He is one who plays the politics of inclusivity. After the campaigns, he doesn’t believe in partisanship. Every constituent is for him and he doesn’t segregate among constituents notwithstanding if you voted for him or not. He broke the jinx of going for the second term in the federal constituency. He has received numerous awards from diverse religious, traditional socio- politico, economic, civil society and media organizations, as recently,he was decorated in far away Dallas, Texas, USA, by Isu Na Eliligborogu, as they held their annual national convention.

The key political currency for OZB, is service to the people. OZB is a man who understands very well the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy especially with reference to security and welfare of the people.He is the epitome of a compassionate heart and a worthy leader. There is no doubt that with his public oriented principles, he will climb the higher political ladder with ease. He is a good man with a large heart who assembles his political opponents after election and define a way forward alongside them.

He is one who knows how to keep positive relationships to the level that meeting him any day results to a greater redefinition of life. This is why every other moment, his people keep thanking him individually and collectively on what he has represented in their lives and the constituency generally.


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