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Peniel 2023: Divinity Overshadowing Humanity Guaranteeing Access To Revelation For Desired Actions – Rev. Bethel Nwanebu


Divine Encounters and Healing

Divine Encounter
Divinity over shadowing humanity guaranteeing access to revelation for desired actions.

Having an experience with God
Accessing the depths buried in the belly of the divinity
Encounter gives you a new definition, name, status.

The word healing was mentioned 138 times in the Bible
Exodus 15:26 – God’s name – The Lord that heals. It’s God’s nature to heal.
Our faith is not the healing, but in the healer
He is the Lord that heals us.

Mathew 18:16, Exodus 15:26
We believe in healing because Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases.

God will put divine health upon Us

God introduces divine health who covers for following his commandment

God’s principles bring health.

Tips for good health
Drinking more water
The body is made up of 70% water
Eating right
Active living

Principles of the kingdom brings divine health
Powers of the kingdom brings divine healing

Psalm 74:20
The world is failing.
The world is full of cruelty

Mathew 8:16-17
A lot of things can cause the body to be sick
He takes away every of our infirmities

How do you approximate this divine healing on the cross of Calvary

  1. Forgiveness –
    When you forgive people, God heals you and removes your sicknesses
    Forgive people and you will discover that you have removed someone from prison and the prisoner is You.

Psalm 107:20
Eating God’s word like medicine
Speaking His word daily brings healing to your system

  1. Revelation 19:10Listening to Testimonies
    It’s a way of making impacts in our church.
    Testimonies are motivating factors.

  2. Points of contact – 1 Corinthians 11:27-30
    Holy communion brings healing
    James 5:14-16 – Oil is a contact for healing

Water – 2 Kings 5, John 5

The prayer of faith – James 5:15
You approximate healing by Faith, same way you appreciate in receiving Christ
All things are possible to him that believes
God has the final say over your Life.

This session was evident with instant miracles and people testifying

May the Lord heal you of every infirmity in Jesus name Amen


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