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Peniel 2023: Encounter Shifts You From Nothing To Something -Rev. Dr. John Aniemeke


Dr. John Aniemeke (Lead Pastor Bethel Covenant Assembly of God, San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Psalm 126:1-6

Encounters for a change of Story

Let us not come to the state of being too familiar in God’s presence.

Anything God has said, he has the capacity to bring it to pass.

One experience with a man who has encountered God is that there is an express transformation in his Life.
Your tears before him becomes a seed.

Four major things that provokes Divine Encounters
1. When God wants to move you to a dimension of Encounter, seek to have a revelation of Him.

Colossians 1:27
Encounter is all about God, not necessarily testimonies. Every life changing experience is engaged through an Encounter.

The more you feel you know him, the more you discover that you don’t know Him.

You can’t limit God by the way he use to speak to You.
The children of Israel knew God’s act
Moses sought to know his ways.

Everyone who seeks him, finds him.

Encounter is About sanctification, consecration,

You must seek to know and to touch Him.

You can’t be more intimidate than your Passion for God.

Encounter causes shift
Encounter makes You count in life.
Encounter shifts you from nothing to something.

  1. Every new story of divine encounter is birthed by the power of God’s word in action
    When you encounter the word, you encounter the revelation of God’s word..
    Every man rises by the revealed word of God
    There’s a spirit in the word of God

Whatever’ you are looking for, you can locate in God’s word.

Learn to speak the word, do the word, act the word and you will have an Encounter in the word.

God will show you the solution to your problem around the problem.
May the Lord open your eyes to see it
Pay attention to the solution around You.

Anytime you want your story to change, go towards the word of God.
God can change my mess into a message

You will have a testimony to show after this Peniel
Your good news will start with a laughter and a new song


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