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Politics Of Conscience By Hon. Divine Chike



It is totally unacceptable for another Fulani Northern man to replace Buhari Fulani Northern man after 8years in office, in a Country like Nigeria?

That is so unfair and that is so unjust.

The Power must rotate between the North and the South.

The North is finishing 8years, hence it is absolutely unjust for Atiku a Northern Fulani man warming up to take over again.
That is so unfair to the South especially to the SouthEast.

The crisis in PDP is not really about Ayu to resign, rather the Southern Leaders in PDP with conscience are struggling to wholeheartedly support Atiku a Northern Fulani man knowing fully well Buhari is also a Northern Fulani man finishing 8years in office.

Even if Ayu resigns today, still yet a good number of PDP Southern Leaders will work against Atiku.

It has become a conscience and moral thing to do, it has nothing to do with being a good Party man, it takes a selfish, self centered and a dead conscience individual from the South to support another Northern Fulani man after Buhari.

The fact is that some good conscience Northerners knows that the right thing to do in this 2023 Presidential Election is to support a Southerner, and that Southerner should be a man with competence, integrity, energy, capacity, tested and trusted, and there you have Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

Hon. Divine Chike
Chairman, Diaspora Committee
Labour Party


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