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Quality Representation And Leadership Is What Jones Onyereri Stands For.


Leadership is all about having the ability to aspire and inspire action that will enhance a proper guide on how to actualize it, even when all around seem to make it impossible.

A leader must be determined to put smile on the faces of people he is leading against all odds.

He must have the capacity to convince his people to believe in the positivity of his ideology and uses his knowledge to educate others and carry them along.

Good leadership creates room for suggestions, advise, direction and must be accessible at all time.

RT. Hon. Dr. Jones Onyereri “MMIRI NA ANWU” has this qualities to lead Imo West senatorial district in the next 4years, his simplicity, soft heart and eye for quality representation to turn Orlu Zone into another economic hub can not be overemphasized.
His charismatic way of approach to issues has paved way for great success in his business, and even politics.

He is educated, mature, an economist of high repute, a man who knows how to use small available resources to achieve great things.

In leadership, he is qualitative and attractive to people and groups who wants progress on every side.

His records in the green chambers few years back is yet to be surpassed. Ndi Orlu we shall not miss this opportunity to send Jones Onyereri to Abuja to go and get what belongs to us in terms of development and and quality representation where our voice will be heard.
Jones is always at home, so he knows our plight, and the condition of our roads and bad state of infrastructure in the zone.

Have you asked yourself why at the mention of Jones Onyereri his opponents are tensed ?

Think of good road on Orlu Zone, thin Jones Onyereri.

Think of electricity, Think of Jones Onyereri.

Think of Jobs for the youth, Think Jones Onyereri.

Think of scholarship and quality educational facilities, Think Jones Onyereri.

Ndi Orlu Ibem, let’s come together and send Jones Onyereri to Abuja for a better future for us all.

Vote PDP on senatorial ballot.

Amb. Prince.

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