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Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri Charges Orlu Youth To Have Their Destiny Connected To Economy


The Orlu Senatorial Candidate of PDP in the forth coming election Rt. Hon. Dr. Jones Onyereri has charged the Jones Youth Movement to have their Destiny Connected to the main stream of economy of the Nation, he State this in his address read on Saturday 8th October, 2022 at the one day summit held at Immaculate hotel, Port Harcourt road Owerri and organized by his supporters youth wing “Jones Onyereri Youth Movement” below is the full address.


Across the world, we witness a resurgence of youths as they rise up to grab their destinies in their own hands and act to shape the fortunes of their nations. This explains why I am immensely proud of the Jones Youth Movements, which has emerged as a formidable political youth movement in Imo State.

Today, Jones Youth Movement is setting the agenda, providing leadership and mobilising to break the lethargy among Orlu youths and working to chart a future of peace and progress for our people. The entire nation is indeed under the grip of insecurity, corruption and institutional failures. Pervasive economic hardship, hunger and malnutrition as well as a general loss of faith by citizens defines our world.

Unfortunately, Orlu, our beloved district, is having a very unfair share of this season of incredulity. Painfully, we have become the Southeast theatre of the crises.

The theme for this summit centres on “Youth Laxity in Democratic Governance: Restoration of a New Normal through Participation and Protection.” The choice of the theme is very apt and timely.

It is coming at a time many of our youths seem to have lost hope, today we see them engaged in a last ditch effort to salvage optimism from the morass of national economic collapse.

Yet, there are many who wallow in despair and this has induced a high degree of laxity and apathy. Many youths would rather remain in their workshops and marketplaces during elections. Many go for soccer practices, while many others stay back in their rooms to enjoy music or watch movies while the polls are underway. You also find that many youths are not prepared to make the sacrifices needed for a successful conclusion of the ballot exercise.

Voting often does not end in just casting your ballot and running off. One must be patient enough to wait to see the ballots counted. The counting period is often the critical moment when the ballots figures are doctored. If the voters are not there to maintain an eagle eye on the process, the whole essence of selecting the people’s choice would be lost.

This summit has therefore been organised to spotlight the subject of youth antipathy in politics and governance, amidst all the difficulties and challenges of the dispensation, I still hear the assuring words prophet Isaiah, saying “beat your swords into ploughshare and your spears into pruning hooks.” In another chapter he assures us that “…violence shall no longer be heard in our land, wasting nor destruction within our borders.

But you shall call your walls salvation and your gates praise.” It is with faith in these words that I proclaim that a new normal is possible.

Let us begin anew. With concerted programmes of public enlightenment, mentoring and mobilisation, a future of peace and progress is assured.

Jobs, quality infrastructure and enabling environment for business to thrive and more, would not come until all hands are on deck. Nothing good comes easy, they say – whether economic growth, quality health care or educational institutions, our youths must see their destiny connected with the economic fortunes of the country.

We pledge to work to mainstream our youths into the governance process through policies and programmes that enable their self-actualization and self-fulfilment. As I pledged in my manifesto, I come to lead the charge in the quest for peace and the mission to return Orlu to the path of reconciliation and progress.

Upon my election, I shall devote my energies to partnering with both citizens and stakeholders in the senatorial district and the state, as well as like minds in the National Assembly, towards this goal.

A better Orlu is very possible because we have the seeds of redemption and restoration. I would like to reiterate the great potential of the Orlu Zone.

With 12 local government areas and a population of about 2.3million people, we are the largest senatorial zone in the entire South East. As the hub of oil production in the region, we are among the most resource endowed. Private sector contribution to GDP is huge and could be made better. Over 50 percent of Imo State tax revenue comes from Orlu.

We have the human and material resources. We have the capacity and we have the audacity. In the midst of all these graces, misery ought not to be known in our midst, except, we unwittingly, become as self-destruct as to let it in. God forbid. Let us therefore, lay the era of combat and brickbats behind us.

Let us welcome a new horizon of a prosperous dawn, which we cannot attain if we are at odds with ourselves. It calls for true reconciliation, reconstruction and restitution. This is our mission and we cannot outsource the task to any other individual, community or district. We shall recreate the middle class as the engine of development even if it entails our having to pull ourselves up by the bootstrap.

We shall seek to improve the Human Development Indices in Orlu not just by chasing statistics, but by impacting evidently on our living conditions. We shall deploy the Chinese model of laying emphasis on MSMEs.

The current plague of militancy is simply a function of limited choices and dearth of economic opportunities. We shall make it less attractive by multiplying opportunities and choices of genuine economic engagements. The primaries are over and by the grace of Almighty God, I am your candidate for Senate under the flag of our great party, PDP.

I am sincerely grateful to the good people or Orlu for the overwhelming support you have shown thus far. With God on our side, we shall be on the red chambers come 2023. In this endeavour, I am very conscious of the fact that we cannot walk alone.

I am always inspired by the African proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” I, therefore, invite all the youths and the entire good people of Orlu Senatorial district to join hands together for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

Thank you all for your kind attention and God bless.

Long live the Orlu Senatorial District!
Long live Imo State!!Long Live, the Federal!! Republic of Nigeria!!!


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