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RT. Hon. Jones Onyereri, The Right Man For The Job For Ndi Orlu Zone



We have been denied so much and we have endured a lot in the hands of selfish politicians who have under-represented us in the past and recent Democratic dispensations.

The Clock is ticking away so fast that we must realise that the time to turn around this unacceptable Status-Quo is beckoning and the *TIME IS NOW* 🙏🏻.
The age long mockery that every other Zone has emancipated from except Orlu’ MUST now be put to mud for good.

Who else can we best achieve this’ other than making the right decision? And that is to handover this mandate to our very own MMIRI NA ANWU 👉🏼An exemplary figure with an impeccable Leadership track records in responsive and proactive Governance.
With OLILE ANYA at the Herm of affairs in the Senate for Ndi Orlu, He would lobby for;
1. Improved Electricity connectivity,
2. Judicious use of our rich resources,
3. Improved and Secured atmosphere,
4. Modern Market structures in every ward and support all small & medium scale businesses through special financing facilities,
5. Tarmacking and upgrading of all Major & local roads within the 12LGA’s to enhance inter community commerce,
6. Accessible Modern Medical facilities in every ward and lunch community sanitation programmes to foster healthy environment,
7. Bursaries and special scholarships to the children of low income earners,
8. Attract the development of modern sport and skills acquisition facilities and platforms to encourage gainful Youth empowerment etc…..

Ndi-ORLU nwem, _ Rt. Hon. Sir. Jones Chukwudi Victor Onyereri PhD_ is infact a TOTAL PACKAGE that must be UNLEASHED in Our collective BEST interests.

Let’s fix Orlu Senatorial Zone!
Let’s make the right Choice!!
That Choice is JONES 2023.

_Hon. C. John Ogbu_


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