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Some Very Dangerous Jokes + Insults On The Southerners And Christians From Kaduna



One of the banes of our politics and invariably, governance, is the fact that we take a lot of things for granted, and we joke a lot too. That’s why we are not considered a serious nation. If you have ever had a heart to heart talk with someone who isn’t a Nigerian, you will be ashamed to know how we are taken by many other people. We are in most part regarded as brilliant people governed by clowns and we are among the most patient people in the world, with our political class.

Yesterday, this notion, as unfortunate as it is was reenforced through the speeches of some of our most powerful men, when they gathered in Kaduna to make a pitch for their endorsement or endorsement of their preferred candidate, for what should be the biggest job in the entire Africa and Black world – becoming President of Nigeria. From Nasir El-Rufai to Atiku Abubakar to Bola Tinubu, very dangerous and highly divisive statements were made, but either fortunately or unfortunately, we do not quite care. We move on.


Not much for the falsehood he boldly spewed but for the irresponsibility and high sensitivity of the speech, when properly analyzed, Governor of Kaduna State should have by now being explaining to the House of Assembly or any of the right authorities why he has to make such a divisive statement. Of course, one didn’t need a video where he personally exonerated Peter Obi of being responsible for his ordeal in Anambra, where he went as a political thug, because he actually had no reason been in Anambra on the day of election, because he was neither an accredited observer nor a voter in that election, a governor does not command security agencies, they are federally controlled, and El-Rufai knows that much.

What is most stomach churning about El-Rufai’s statement is its clear tribalistic slant. By saying that “We are Northerners and Northerners are civilized people”, he was clearly saying that Southerners are uncivilized people. And he was cheered up by a number of those in that hall. He openly insulted the entire Northerners, including the man who gave him his first major political and government job, Olusegun Obasanjo, because in describing all Southerners as uncivilized people, no one is spared, including his current “mugu”, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

El-Rufai’s insinuation of having the mechanized division of the Nigerian Army under his command also speaks to his ignorant arrogance in power. The Army, all over the world, even in Confederal unions like the UAE is a centrally commanded institution. For El-Rufai to imagine that he has the powers to deploy even the smallest platoon of the Nigerian Army should give us an insight into the emptiness of the individuals we regard as our leaders.


His promoters call him “the unifier”, but by speech and action, Nigeria’s former Vice-president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has accentuated our division more than any other politician in the current era. Everywhere he goes, he advertises his own concept of Northern supremacy, without regrets.

Yesterday in Kaduna, he didn’t bother selling his candidacy to his audience on the basis of his personal qualifications or experiences in leadership, but on the basis of being a Northerner and being Fulani. He accused the South of disrespecting the North and the Fulani, and any reasonable person would be forced to ask; how?

The North has everything valuable in the country at the moment. They have had an unbroken seven years plus in power. During the military era, the North dominated. Across several agencies in the country, Northerners call the shot, and it is not just Northerners, but core Northern Muslims and Fulanis. Yet, the South is still cast as the aggressor, by someone who wants to be our President?


The national leader of the All Progressives Congress and presidential candidate has become synonymous with very expensive goofs. His media handlers have spent more time trying to explain his speeches than they have telling Nigerians what qualities qualify him for the presidency which he desperately seeks. However, yesterday, he had a relatively good day. He bared his mind, and that includes advertising his scorn for Christianity.

Tinubu’s unrelated reference to “a rat eating poisoned Holy Communion” is not a slipup, like his supporters would want to argue, but a deliberate insult on Christianity and our most cherished ritual. Tinubu could have made his ratty inference with rats in Aso Rock or anything else, but he chose to abuse Christians deliberately. He knows how it would have been taken if he had made that inference with Islam or the Mosque, and he wouldn’t dare it, but he wants to tell Christians that they are conquered people, that even their most revered item of worship can be ridiculed.

The Blessed Sacrament or the Holy Communion is not like every other item of worship in Christendom, it is the most valuable. It is the Blood and Body or our Lord Jesus Christ and is safeguarded with the utmost respect and reverence. Referring to a poisoned Holy Communion is the same as saying that the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ could be so cheap as to be used as a rat bait. No Priest, no Pastor and no worker in the Church would attempt using Christ’s Body and Blood for such. Tinubu knows, after all his wife is a Pastor, but he is convinced that Christians are a conquered and used people, whom he can insult at will and still get them to sing his praises. It is my hope that he is proven wrong this time around.

Beyond politics and whatever might be anyone’s interest, it is important that Nigeria’s leaders team up together and save this nation. Politicians and political candidates should be encouraged to be responsible in speech at this critical time in our history and there should be consequences for those who choose to spew hate and advance friction during this campaign period.


Onwuasoanya is the Director of Strategic Communication, Peter Obi Support Network (POSN)

Me: God will shame Tinubu for insulting God of the Christians.


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