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South-East Support Your Son’s Presidency Now For Your Better Tomorrow -Paul Eneche


You cried of marginalisation but now antagonising your son’s presidency – Pastor Enenche says as he calls out South-East agitators.

As Nigerians prepare for the 2023 presidential election scheduled for tomorrow, February, 25, the founder and General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche, has called out Biafra agitators over their failure to let go of their agitation and support their ‘son’ who is contesting to become the next president of Nigeria.

The man of God called out the Southeast agitators today during his special virtual sermon tagged “Food for thoughts, part 6.”

According to him, it is a sad development that while the entire world is rallying support behind someone from the South East region to become the next president, some agitators from the region are busy antagonising and frustrating the process.

The man of God wondered why after crying about marginalisation for several years, some South easterners are still resisting their son to become the president all in the name of agitation for the Biafra nation.

He said, ” The final word goes to the youths and agitators in the Southeast, what mentality is that? The whole world is advertising the son of your soil to become the next president of Nigeria, and you are busy antagonising and attempting to frustrate the voting process in your region.”

He continued, ” you have cried of marginalisation in Nigeria, and the opportunity is being presented for that to be addressed through a Nigerian President from the Southeast, an Igbo man, and you are resisting it?”

He, however, warned the agitators that those driving and sponsoring them against their own people don’t have their interest at heart and they should let go of anything capable of destructing the peaceful conduct of the presidential election in the region.

“If the devil is against you, you are also against yourself. Who bewitched you? Are you paid to cause destruction and frustration for your own people in the name of agitation? Those driving you don’t love your people, they don’t love your life. Don’t waste your life and future for nothing. Calm down, down tools and be still.”

The man of God also charged all Nigerians to go out in their numbers and vote for the right candidate who has what it takes to pilot the affairs of the country to a greater height.

“This is my counsel, go out tomorrow and vote. Let’s go out massively avoiding every trace of apathy, lethargy or indifference.”

While warning the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), on the need to ensure that the election is a free, fair, credible and accurate collation of results, the pastor warned that the announcement of a wrong or false result must be totally avoided as it can plunge the nation into an unprecedented crisis.


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