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The ” Field Commanders” In Orlu Zone Politics: Charles Ahize, Must Be A Lucky Guy.


By: Sam. Onwuemeodo.

I have remained very familiar with the politics of Orlu Zone. l know the politics of the Zone very well. All these while. And the players. The key or major players and the minor ones, in the politics of the Zone. The first eleven and the second eleven. And long before now.

Arthur Nzeribe, Ezekiel lzuogu, Achike Udenwa, Rochas Okorocha, Tony Ezenna, Festus Odimegwu, Otuokere Njaka, Hope Uzodinma, Greg Mbadiwe, Mgbewnwelu- Dum Dum, Sonni Hart lbeh, Osita lzunaso, Jerry Alagbaoso, and a lot of them. Dead or alive.

I know them . l know their politics. l know their ardent supporters.l know their weak supporters .

l know the ” field Commanders ” in Orlu Zone politics. And what they are capable of doing, following their activities, either for or against, any candidate.

l equally know the spoilers in the politics of Orlu Zone. If you want the mock coffin of any politician in the zone to be carried, you engage them. The undertakers. If you want any politician to be declared persona non grata, you go for their service. If you want any politician to be confined to non existing Hall of Shame, you employ their services. They can hold ten World Press Conferences in a day, as long as you give them what they have asked you to bring. The needed tool or instrument. You can decode me. They can pronounce someone alife and healthy, dead. They could also retract the claim later for a fee , but after the damage must have been done. They have their bass voices. They also have their slogan , owuka osimee. One of their key allies died few years ago. From ldeato Nation. Flamboyant and very Jovial. May his Soul continue to rest in peace. lmmortal, lnvisible, GOD is the only one.

This time too , l have been religiously following the political developments in the three zones of the State. And that of Orlu Zone, presents a very interesting compass or hemisphere or diagram. Especially in the Senatorial Contest.

Osita lzunaso is not a “small boy” in the game. He is a Senior partner. Former Member of the House of Representatives. Former Senator, for lmo West senatorial District . Former National Organising Secretary of the APC. Love him or hate him, he has become a ” matter” because of the weight he carries and the space he occupies, in Orlu Zone politics in particular. No sane person can write him off. You only do so, out of ignorance or out of mischief.

Jones Onyerieri, another good guy. Former Member of the House of Representatives. Former Senatorial Candidate of the PDP for lmo West senatorial District in the 2019 election. He has been trying to play Nzeribe’s brand of politics, but he has not been able to do so or have a break through . He tried it in 2019, it failed.

Today, he is still in Court with Jerry Alagbaoso and ThankGod Ezeani over the PDP primary, for the ticket of the party, for 2023 election. All the same, he hasn’t done badly in his politics.

But l had had reason to argue that, pdp in Orlu Zone would have put a more serious ” fight” with regard to the 2023 Senate election, if Alagbaoso had gotten the ticket. l may be right or wrong. The reason we are all human beings. At times , you can do wrong permutations or wrong analysis depending on certain factors.

For Charles Ahize , he must be a very lucky man. l had heard about Charly Akpuruka before these days. But the current politics has made me to know his full name, Charles Ahize and what he looks like. Not all that handsome. But not ugly. ln-between. l have not remembered the right adjective to qualify him. But, don’t mind me. We are talking about more serious thing here . Not about beauty contest.

To the best of my knowledge, he hadn’t been in politics before now. But today, he has gotten those l had described as the ” field Commanders ” of Orlu Zone politics, behind him and his candidature, on the platform of the Labour party.

They are all with him and across party lines . Even those in the 3R government. So, l won’t also be Suprise tomorrow hearing or knowing that, Governor Hope Uzodinma is supporting him. The likelihood is there. Especially when the politics of 2023 is somehow. lt “get as ibi”. Odi somehow. No head , no tail. Hydraheaded. You can’t be sure of anything until the market closes , and you begin to know those who made profits and those who lost.

You also know, like l do, that the previous outings of lzunaso and Onyerieri would equally not yield them much dividend. And not because they didn’t do well, but because those who had expected much from them and got less or didn’t get at all , have gathered against them. And those who got, must have forgotten or would be pretending to have forgotten that they got. You know what l am talking about.

And the stories of the duo, this time, would only centre on their previous trips. And most of those who ate them that time must have forgotten that they ate. That’s what our clime begets or begats.

Polticians are like the civil servants. They would always want it new or fresh. The newer , the better. The fresher, the better. The civil servants would always work and vote for a new governor. And you know why.

The “field Commanders” in Orlu Zone politics must have concluded or seem to have concluded that they have no inheritance or portion again in lzunaso and Onyerieri. Hence, their surge to Ahize. And they have been increasing the Volume. The momentum.

These guys must have known how generous or stingy , Osita and Jones must have been or were, with their previous flights . And must have decided to try this Ahize guy, this time. Perhaps, to compare and contrast. I know them , but would not like to mention their names here.

l am not talking about who will win or who will not win in 2023 . l am only sharing my observation with my audience, if any .

Like I said, Osita and Jones are good fellows. l have nothing against any of them. I only want to say that, this Ahize is a lucky guy to have gotten the most active politicians in Orlu Zone to his side . You can also call them the ” bad boys” in Orlu Zone politics. Some of them, former and serving members of Parliament. Some of them business-politicians. A lot of them.

Whether this development would translate into electoral victory for Ahize is a different thing altogether. And a matter of two months from today, for us to know . But to say the least, he hasn’t started his politics badly. It appears, these “guys” have been waiting for him to come.

Let me also say that, Orlu Zone People are the lmo State version of Fulanis in Nigeria. They understand their politics more than the sister zones of Owerri and Okigwe.

Who would have believed that Senator lzunaso would reconcile with Governor Uzodinma to the extent of the governor, supporting Izunaso to get the APC ticket for lmo West senatorial District.

l knew what happened. They had polarised Orlu Zone politics, especially after the 2007 election. For instance, while Izunaso was backing Barr. Donatus Onuigwe for lmo House of Assembly, Oru West State Constituency, Uzodinma was backing Mbadiwe Emelumba.

Their matter lingered at the Federal High Court Owerri and Consumed Justice C.V. Nwokorie. He was asked to go. A very lengthy story. In settling with Uzodinma, l hope, Izunaso must have factored men like Onuigwe into the whole thing?. The best way to go. Those who were there for him and with him . Frank Ugaliegbulem and the rest.

The politics of Orlu Zone. Very interesting. They know how to settle their differences for the common goal of the area. Unlike what happens in the other zones.

l wish Izunaso, Onyerieri and Ahize all the best . I am not from Orlu Zone. So, this analysis is an academic exercise, so to say. But it takes the third eye to see the silver lining. These ” field Commanders” also know the “tricks”and had equally done same , perhaps, for Osy and Onyii. I like the chorus of Melodies of Praise, no. 193. ..” JESUS KNOWS ALL ABOUT OUR STRUGGLES…”. Thank you.


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