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The First And Last Time I Patronized A Hookup Girl, It Was Queen Mother


The first time I patronized a hookup girl was the last time I ever made such a move.

E reach my turn I go carry Queen mother.

So I had acquired this girl’s number from an agent and called her almost immediately. We spoke on phone for a couple of minutes and after a short bargain, we finally agreed on a fee.

I sent her my hotel address and room number and she promised to come in an hour time.

I waited till almost eternity, daughter of eve never showed up.

I was set to call back the agent when her call suddenly came in. She apologized for the delay and told me she was close by.

The time was past 11PM when she finally arrived the hotel.

After another round of plea from her, I buried my grievance and went to the bathroom for a quick shower. When I was done, she too went in to freshen up.

Meanwhile I had already locked the door and swallowed the key.

While I was still waiting for her, at exactly 12midnight, I suddenly heard a harrowing cry from the bathroom. I jumped off the bed in fright and called out to her. There was no response.

I tiptoed to the bathroom and placed my ears by the door. I heard voices in low tones.

“Why did you let him live?” I heard a hoarse masculine voice.

“My Lord! I tried my best to lure him but, but.” Another stuttering voice replied, it was hers

“You had a simple task!” The masculine voice yelled “But you failed to deliver!”

“My Lord!” Her trembling voice came up again “Please just a second chance! I promise to deliver! just this once!”

By this time I was already wearing my clothes in readiness to flee. I was also sweating profusely despite the presence of the chilling air-conditioner. I spoke in tongues for the very first time.

It was when I had reached the exit door that I realized I had fuc-ked up. I began to bang the door ceaselessly, calling on whosoever could hear me… Now I was crying.

I was still banging the door when the bathroom door swung open and she stepped out. She had a towel tied round her.

“Sweetheart! You’re dressed up. Where are you going?” She asked me

“I forgot, I wan buy, I just want to” I stuttered incoherently, moving frightfully towards the open window.

“What are you saying?” She quizzed further “You’re even sweating and crying”

She was still speaking when I jumped out the open window and landed on the roof of the security house. I didn’t mind, I still jumped to the floor and took to my heels in the dark.

I was lucky to spot a bike-man and I quickly flagged him down and hopped behind.

“Oga where you dey go?” The bike-man asked me

“Oga just dey fire dey go” I replied in tears “Help me find any bible believing church enter”

Credit: Afri Tv ✍️


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