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The Hatred Of Brothers Has Never Stopped God’s Divine Purpose In One’s Life (David A Case Study). Jones Onyereri Is A Goal!!!


In life not everyone is pleased with others destiny, and this did not start today. But the most painful of it is the hatred and wickedness that comes from home, (Iro Ulo).

You can avoid the enemies outside but the enemies within is horrible and difficult to avoid. The only remedy is to be focus and work hard let the result silence them.
Even in bible days David was hated by his own biological father and elder brothers, that they wanted him dead at all cost.

Have you wondered at his age was sent into the bush to tend his father’s livestocks, the reason is simple, they wanted wild animals to devour him and they forget about him once and for all, but the bible says in Jeremiah 1:5 that God knows about everyone of before we were formed and has ordained us before we were born, it simply means that everybody has a destiny he/she must fullfil before he leaves this planet earth.

Finally David was chosen by God to replace Saul as Kind of Israel, even when the prophet was looking at their age, body building, physical strength and political connections, God warned him to take off his eyes from them, that he has chosen someone they hated to rule over them, though he was the youngest.
Could this be what is playing out between Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri and his elder brothers?

Ponder!!!… He is the youngest, loved by many, supported by outsiders but never regarded or seen qualified by brothers even after many pleas to reconciliation and peace accord meeting, is Jones Onyereri carrying the mandate to represent the good people of Orlu Zone in the red chambers? Has he been ordained by God and chosen by men to go and speak for his people? Is he the chosen one even while in the bush? Then if answer to all these is “YES” then certain he will overcome all obstacles and go and get that which belongs to his people.

David’s brothers tried to stop him by calling him names and chased him away from the battle front that wanted to introduced him, but instead of cursing and abusing them he remained focused and git Goliath killed, and women composed a song with his name. It’s important to note that in midst of all this challenges, Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri has never abused nor insult any of this elders brother and has urges his supporters never to go hell wired against any of them, but has remained resolute and focused towards realizing the his destiny of speaking for his people and contribute his quota to the nation building.

Jones Onyereri is David of our time whose destiny can not be destroyed nor taking away from him by people who has refused read the handwriting on the wall.

Come 2023 the men, women, youths of Orlu Zone have made up their mind to vote Rt. Hon. Dr. Jones Onyereri into Senate to go and bring what others refused bring home, I have no doubt he will get it. Who can stop whom destiny has smiled on?
Jones Onyereri God has chosen you and no force will stop you!

Amb. Prince-Samuel


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