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There Is A Man, His Name Flys Like A Drone


There is this man

His name keeps flying in the air like a drone
He never believes there is an heir to the throne
His voice is never heard in the frequency of persuasion
He is the man I see without corruption.

He is a man who has captured the minds of the people
He drives with leadership by his past example
He is a man with voices of the majority
He is a man with no silent minority.

He stood out of the crowed with no political match
Hence he was given a million marches
I knew him from his clean foot
He was Obidient from his root

He believes not in a wealthy life
Because life could be a secret knife
Quietly he moves without notice
Reality he gives with no tease

He is sailing in the leadership boat
To become the captain he needs your vote
To sail successful he needs to float
“I am not desperate” he says in quote

He is that man with a good ride
Sailing on the ocean with the best guide
Who is that man who isn’t a fester?
It is him whose name is Peter.

✍️ Gisthub Media Team



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