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Uzodinma’s Call For Ndigbo To “Renew Thier Hope With APC”, An Insult



During the near-flop presidential campaign rally of his political Party in Enugu few days ago, my governor, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma took his disdain to Ndigbo to another level when he literally lambasted us “Isolationists” urging the Southeast to vote for a man who, apart from representing the worst of any sane political leadership, has not hidden his revulsion for Ndigbo and whatever they represent.

Governor Uzodimma, a new entrant and one who could be correctly described as a latter day Saint of the All Progressives Congress now considers Ndigbo’s insistence on justice, equity and competence in recruitment of the Nigerian political class as ‘dishonourable’ merely because he is desperate to break into the anti-Igbo cult that has dominated the ruling APC. Governor Uzodimma like every other Igbo man and indeed any true Nigerian progressive in the APC is a threatened specie and is merely struggling to gain some lifeline before they are eventually erased from the Party.

I have no doubts that Governor Uzodimma considers Ndigbo as his “mugus”, that’s why he plays the kind of deceitful gimmick he plays with us, believing that we can easily be deceived. Like a good number of the Igbo political leadership class, Uzodimma misconstrues our passion for Nigeria’s survival and progress as gullibility and our simplicity in matters of politics and political attrition as foolishness. I think he should rather be advised that the Igbo man rather feels that he is contented with his trade and personal efforts and would be glad to see some semblance of fairness in the political process, no matter who is in charge.

I am quite sure that if my governor is invited to a debate where he will have the opportunity to tell Ndigbo what hope they have had in the APC led disaster of the past eight years and present an argument for its renewal, he will definitely spend the entire period of the debate stumbling over his own words, because associating the APC with hope is a harder job than associating peace with the Devil. APC represents the most hopeless period in Nigeria’s history and Bola Tinubu, its presidential candidate is the most uninspiring character to have held a Party ticket since this Fourth Republic.

Ndigbo have been treated like slaves by the APC led federal government. This is the first time since Nigeria’s independence that a federal government is constituted without a single Igbo man found in the first six most powerful or influential position in the country. In this present APC led administration, you may invite the 100 most powerful politicians in the country by strict order of their offices, and not a single Igbo man will make the cut. Forget Orji Uzor Kalu and his Senate Chief-Whip position, he is simply a whipping boy of the cabal. He is there for a reason and he is practically not there. Those who understand the Nigerian power chessboard well will know what I am talking about.

Governor Uzodimma is not ignorant of the predicament of Ndigbo in the present administration, because even though he is one of the agents used to worsen the domination of Ndigbo, he is also a victim, because there is nothing more frustrating to a man than when he literally walks off his skin to please his master’s, yet, he doesn’t earn their trust. That’s exactly the situation with Governor Uzodimma. To Tinubu and other owners of the apc, Uzodimma is merely a dispensable tool, that is merely as useful as a sex worker is for as long as the manhood is hard and desperate.

Governor Uzodimma and his ilk of the Southeast APC might be willing slaves to their APC slavemasters, but the true Igbo freeborns are not going to willingly extend the disrespect and very disheartening persecution meted to them in the last eight years of the APC. Bola Tinubu has not made any pretences about his disdain for Ndigbo and even at the rally in Enugu he made it clear that he sees Ndigbo as slaves and prisoners who deserve a disdainful pat on the back and a dry piece of bread soaked in water, when they overwork themselves to impress their slavemasters. Tinubu has insulted Ndigbo for residing in Lagos, not minding that long before he strayed into Lagos State from Osun or wherever he came from, Ndigbo have been building Lagos and contribute significantly to whatever development and prosperity Lagos is noted for today.

I would wish that Governor Uzodimma’s close advisers will sit him down somewhere and speak some sense into him. He should be reminded that no matter how much he tries to impress his people’s enemies, they will never love him, and that they merely see him as a useful nuisance. I wish they can tell him that it is better to drown with your people than to swim with your oppressors.

May good judgement prevail.


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