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Why Ezenwa Onyewuchi Is The Best Senate Candidate For Owerri Zone


The 2023 Election is not about individuals.

It’s about collective interest of Owerri Zone

We need a senator with proven record of performance and verifiable antecedents

We need a senator with wise and strategic mindset

We need a senator who will be part of the drivers of the 10th Senate and not one that will be used in loading the vehicle

We need experienced senator who is going as ranking senator as legislative business is about seniority or ranking

It’s truism that only ranking senator is qualified to emerge principal officer

Imo has experienced what ranking can do before in House of Reps from 2011 to 2015

We have the golden opportunity to reenact it through only one candidate
Distinguished Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi as he’s the only hope for ranking status

He performed well as opposition under APC for four years with best scorecard since 1999 notable among them is voting for BVAS and signing of his two bills into law by President Buhari

Only him knows the intricacies of national assembly politics and when you add that to seniority performance is the end result

Let’s get this clearly the LP Candidate is the only one whose presence in Senate next dispensation will impact the entirety of Owerri Zone and even Imo State and not only himself and party members.

Since all of us agree that our zone is crying for development it is time to support and vote the man who all indices have singled out as best for us in 10th Senate.

Let’s put aside sentiment and put our best foot forward come February 25, 2023 for the overall interest of Owerri Zone

Distinguished Senator Onyewuchi is that best foot forward for sure bet performance.


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