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Women’s Day: Assemblies Of God Church Ebom/Obokwe Celebrates Her Annual Women’s Day In A Grand Style


It was better witnessed than be told if the women’s day celebration held by Women of Assemblies of God church Ebom/Obokwe in Mbieri II Section of the Owerri East District of the church.

It’s an annual event as it is in other denominations that women (mothers) are given one Sunday in a year celebrate and be celebrated.

Evang. Mrs. Ukwu Delivering the Sermon.

In Assemblies of God Nigeria the event holds every second Sunday in the month of May every year, it’s a programme organised by the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria to celebrate her women.

This annual event gives the women the opportunity to showcase their God given gift in several areas like song presentations, drama, bible recitations, sword drill, etc, the the coordinator of the women who’s usually the Pastor’s will have the opportunity to preach to the congregation.

Children and husbands uses the opportunity to celebrate their mothers and wives, getting them gifts, cheering them, supporting them financially and otherwise.

In Assemblies Of God church Ebom/Obokwe the occasion was different as this yearly event started on Monday the 8th of May, 2023 with women coming every evening to practice and had their daily teachings, all the women who are members partook in this year’s women’s day.

On Sunday the 14th been the D’day, the women in their district uniform marched and danced in, with the opening prayer by the Pastor In-charge Pastor Evangelist Ukwu Prince.

In her welcome address the women’s coordinator of the church Evang. Mrs. Goodness Ukwu thanked God for keeping them alive to witness another Mothering Sunday, and appreciate the women for their cooperation so far, she mentioned some the achievement so far made within the three years she have led the women.

She thanked the Pastor Prince Ukwu for his overwhelming support to the women and entire church both spiritual, financial, mentally physically and others, and enjoyed him to continue as she pray for God’s protection and more anointing. She also thanked the Able men of the church for their immerse support.

In her message titled; Pressing Forward To Win the Prize(Heaven At Last), Evang. Mrs. Ukwu reminded Christians that their coming on earth was not a biological accident, rather it was orchestrated by God for a purpose, which is to live a holy live and make heaven at last.

Women on the dress code competition

She made it clear that heaven is real and hell is real, and that are two ways everybody must must leave this planet to go meet our creator, it’s by Death or Rapture , and these two ways opens door to where one will spend eternity, either Hell or Heaven. She begged Christians to make use of their time now they are alive to serve God’s purpose.

Other side attractions includes: Draw your Sword, Dress Code, drama, songs etc. Invites guests, friends of the church and members graced the occasion.

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